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Not so very long ago, a group of enterprising parents took it upon themselves to found a school for their children. This hadn’t exactly been their intention, at least at the beginning. What they needed at the time was a kindergarten because their children were still small. Small and bilingual.  

Yet nowhere in the eastern part of Berlin was there a kindergarten where their children could learn in English and German. The parents took the necessary steps to form an association, and then established a kindergarten named, quite logically after their international offspring, Berlin Kids International.  

The kindergarten has since changed hands. In 2007, the founding parents joined with Pfefferwerk Stadtkultur gGmbH to establish a primary school. They located a former East German school building, which had been abandoned for five years. They went to work on a courtyard knee-deep in weeds, walls covered in graffiti and floors strewn with trash. Parents painted and scraped, scrubbed and discarded, and furnished the building, one floor at a time.

That autumn, the first 16 children entered the Berlin Kids International School.

Five years later, the children had outgrown not only the Primary School, but also their school name. In anticipation of the opening of its Secondary School in August 2012, the school changed its name to Berlin Bilingual School. 

Since August 2014, the school maintains two campuses: the Primary School (grades 1-6) is housed in Friedrichshain, and the Secondary School (grades 7-10 / continuing with grade 11 in 2016-17) in Lichtenberg.  

The original school of 16 students in grades 1-3 has grown to 342 students in grades 1-10, with grade 11 beginning in August 2016.

Speech of one of the founding members: Marcello Eusepi - 10 year anniversary 2017.