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Primary School Staff

Annabell Gutschow
Class Teacher & German Coordinator

„Die Arbeit läuft nicht davon, während du einem Kind den Regenbogen zeigst, aber der Regenbogen wartet nicht bis die Arbeit fertig ist.“ Unbekannt

Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2014
Home Country: Germany

Aoife Lawler
Class Teacher

My passion  is teaching children how to engage in and take ownership of their learning, giving them the skills to be lifelong learners.

Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2017
Home Countries: Ireland and UK


Birke Schneider
Classroom Teacher

"Verloren sei uns der Tag, wo nicht ein Mal getanzt wurde! Und falsch heiße uns jede Wahrheit, bei der es nicht ein Gelächter gab!"

– Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2015
Home Countries: Germany & USA

Chris Rollen
Art Teacher

I was inspired to teach by my old art teacher John Warwick.
He was enthusiastic and gave his students both trust and responsibility.

Home Country: Scotland

Daniel Keeling
Music teacher

'It is my intention to make music [education] as accessible and interesting to students as possible. My methodology aims to bring out their full potential as musical beings. Herein, I am always reinforcing the fundamentals of music, as well as exploring with them the variety and intrigue music has to offer in a fun, thoughtful, and challenging way.'

Faye Oliver
PE teacher
Jennifer Carney
Class Teacher & IPC Coordinator

​ Children will grow and learn when a teacher is kind, compassionate, and creates a safe and accepting environment. 

Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2013
Home Country - United States of America

Johanna Schumann
Classroom Teacher

Ich finde es toll, Kinder in ihren ersten Schuljahren für das Lesen, Schreiben und den Umgang mit Zahlen zu begeistern sowie den Grundstein für ihr weiteres Lernen zu legen. Es ist mir eine Freude, den Lernprozess jedes einzelnen Kindes wahrzunehmen, sie zu fördern und zu fordern.

Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2009
Home Country: Deutschland

Julia Henkelmann
Classroom Teacher

I hope that in this year to come, you are making mistakes. Because if you’re making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing the world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you are doing something. (NG)”

Laura McCord
Physical Education Teacher

I teach PE to give children the positive experience of sport I had as a child and I aim to inspire them to go onto enjoy sport and physical activity for the rest of their lives.

Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2017
Home Country - Scotland

Marcus Mencarini
Classroom Teacher

​I was inspired to give children a stable and structured learning environment from which they can grow and prosper.

Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2015
Home Country - United States of America


Natasha Eliason
Student Support Coordinator/ German and Maths Support Teacher

Having studied Inclusive Education, I believe every person first needs to feel accepted in order to develop to their potential.

As we are all on a learning curve, my main goal as a teacher is to support students' self-efficacy with a growth mindset.

Home Country: South Africa
Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2017

Richard Young
Music teacher

Joined Berlin Bilingual School 2016
Home Country - Australia

Ronald Knoch
Physical Education Teacher

Home Country: Germany

Sarah Salters
French Teacher and English Support Teacher

My goal is for the kids to learn with enjoyment. Being alongside kids as they learn and grow is something that brings fulfillment and real satisfaction to my life.

Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2015
Home Country - France/United States of America

Sybille Fröbisch
Classroom Teacher

Home Country: Deutschland
Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2017

Vanessa Haldane
Classroom Teacher

Joined the Berlin Bilingual School in 2016
Home Country: Scotland