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Student Life


Supplementing our academic curriculum, the Afternoon Programme offers students exciting opportunities to learn from a broad range of skills-based projects and student-led activities. They choose up to four workshops a week with the programme running on a two-semester basis. This lets students develop and refine skills over time within their chosen field. The activities are based in three different areas: cultural, athletic and investigative. The workshops currently on offer are as follows:

Life drawing
Comic and animation
Sport (on rotation)
School newspaper
Art blogging
Library management

The Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is to act as a representative body and platform for students’ ideas and opinions to be heard and discussed.

The Student Council is formed through a democratic process of election. Willing students put themselves forward for an election to represent members of their year group. The election takes place at the beginning of each school year, with students voting for the two representatives who they think will best voice their views, opinions and concerns. The Council meets for 30 minutes once a week during morning break. Once a month, there is the opportunity for a longer meeting of up to one hour.