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Goodbye 2020

Dear BBS Community,

Since today is the last school day of particularly challenging year, we really want to take this opportunity to send a message of sincere gratitude to BBS parents, students and staff.

To parents
Without your great support the months between March and June would not have been possible. Your feedback and help in navigating the crisis has been priceless. Thank you!

To our incredible students
You have been so courageous and open to new ways of teaching and learning. Even during times when you missed your friends the most, you never gave up. Thank you!

Leadership team: Andrew & Kerry, Britta, Sarah & Sven
You have been inspirations to your respective teams. You have shown the most inspiring leadership quality of all - listening. You listened to the parents, to your staff, as well to ourselves. We realise it has not been easy, but through your relentless dedication you led your teams and therefore the school successfully through this pandemic. Thank you!

And last, but most certainly not least.. 

To our wonderful, devoted, staff
Whatever we decided to implement regarding online learning, classrooms, follow-up sheets, etc. - you implemented it gracefully and with good humour. We reinvented processes, we met online and saw inside each others homes, we met at night when some of your own children were in bed. You have been so adaptive and inventive throughout making us proud and blessed to have you on our team. While the German media says schools failed during corina, we know the headlines would tell a very different story if all German schools had our pedagogical staff. Your positive attitude and dedication has made this challenging journey a success story for BBS.  Across the world, people have been clapping from balconies as a show of respect and appreciation for front line workers. Today, we clap for you too in gratitude for how you have handled this year. You're nothing short of heroes  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. 

Here's to a smoother 2021!