Weinstrasse — Talstrasse — Granitzstrasse

One Berlin Bilingual School Community – three branches

To accommodate Berlin’s growing English & German bilingual community, BBS is in the process of building an exciting new third campus at Talstr. 21A.

Currently, 450 students gain high quality, affordable bilingual education at our primary school building in Weinstr. 1 and secondary school building in Granitzstr. 38 A. Every year, demand for places increases and we sadly have to turn away many fitting families.  Fortunately, this new development at Talstr. 21A, planned to open for the school year 2025/ 2026, will give us the capacity to welcome 250 more students and their families into our BBS community. We will go from having two to three classes per grade at primary level, and from one to two classes per grade at secondary level until our students reach the German Abitur.

Having three campuses and more students starting grade 1 means the structure of the school will be adapted in accordance. Grades 1-4 will remain in Weinstr, grades 5-9 will be at Talstr. and grades 10-13 can concentrate on their MSA and Abitur in Granitzstr. All three buildings will be developed upon further to best facilitate the age group of their pupils.


Berlin’s first green school

Perspective Aussen

Architect Bernrieder . Sieweke Lagemann . Architekten BDA GmbH

The Talstr. location lets us deliver something truly special as the building is being designing with education and the environment at the forefront. We are planning Berlin’s first ‘eco’ school, with a wooden exterior with solar panels on the roof. A green roof and garden on the terrace are also proposed.

The new building will house a science lab, open and free rooms on each floor, and a self-study forum with laptops instead of PCs so the students can freely move around. The outside area with a green roof to study on will be just as impressive, being playful and sporty.

Extra playground equipment will also be added to the Weinstr. location for the grades 1-4. and, on a pedagogical level, there will be added social support for the adolescents in Talstr. and Granitzstr. We are also preparing for additional staff to be recruited before the new school opens.

We are excited to be working together as a community to fine tune the plans for the Talstr. location. Community spirit has been the cornerstone of BBS since it was started by handful expat parents in 2007. The school has thrived and grown because of it and this third building is testament to its strength.

Architect Bernrieder . Sieweke Lagemann . Architekten BDA GmbH

News and Events

  • October 2022

    [BBS] 1st School Conference
    Wed, 5th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
  • October 2022

    [BBS] 6A Schnupper-tag
    Thu, 6th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] Charity Run
    Fri, 7th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] STE(A)M Week
    Mon, 10th – Fri, 14th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] 6B Schnupper-tag
    Thu, 13th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] Assessment Days Primary (1/2)
    Sat, 15th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] School closed / Hort open
    Mon Oct, 24th – Fri Nov, 4th
  • November 2022

    [BBS] Staff Development Day - School & Hort Closed
    Mon, 7th
  • November 2022

    [BBS] Assessment Days Primary (2/2)
    Sat, 12th
  • November 2022

    [BBS] 7-11th grade (par-stud.teach.conf.)
    Wed, 16th

See our school calendar for more upcoming events.