Co-Curricular Program

In the primary school, which is listed as a "offene Ganztagsschule", educators are responsible for supporting the students’ social and emotional needs throughout the whole day. Their goal is to help establish a healthy social and emotional setting for the children. This includes supporting children with special needs inside and outside the classroom setting. The Erzieher is working closely with the teachers during classes. Our Hort team also offers a varied programme of activities ranging from structured skills-based projects to child-centered explorations. A much enjoyed highlight is the afternoon workshop time. Workshops are built into the curricula for primary school pupils throughout the year. Here, children get the chance to try their hands at exciting activities for a period of six weeks. They can choose from a wide selection of craft activities (e.g. pottery, woodwork, book-making, story-telling, gardening), various sports (bouldering, karate, creative dance) and foreign languages. Our Hort team considers free play a very important social aspect of the school day and has developed a flexible programme that integrates and responds to the rhythm of the children’s needs.


A daily hot lunch is included in the Hort fee and is served in the school cafeteria located on the subterranean level. Menus are posted weekly. Children are served water during the lunch period. Water is also available throughout the day from the water fountains on the ground and second floors. Vegetarian options are available at lunch but must be arranged in advance with deputy Head of Hort.

Role of the Erzieher

We believe that the role of the educator is a keystone of successful primary schooling. At BBS, the Hort staff is fully integrated into the school day, with educators providing early-morning and afternoon care, as well as taking an active role in the classroom alongside the class teacher. Educators respond to the needs of individual students, facilitate group work and contribute to the social and emotional development of the children during the school day.