Co-Curricular Program

In the primary school, which is listed as an "offene Ganztagsschule", educators (Erzieher*innen) are responsible for supporting the students’ social and emotional needs throughout the whole day. Their goal is to help establish a healthy social and emotional setting for the children. This also includes supporting children with special needs inside and outside the classroom setting. The educator is working closely with the teachers during class times. 
Our Hort team also offers a varied programme of activities ranging from structured skills-based projects to child-centered explorations. The afternoon workshop is often the highlight of the day. Workshops are built into the curricula for primary school students throughout the year. Here, children get the chance to try their hands at exciting activities for a period of six weeks. They can choose from a wide selection of craft activities (e.g. pottery, woodwork, book-making, story-telling, gardening), various sports (bouldering, table tennis, karate, creative dance) as well as relaxation offers (yoga, chilling, reading). The mix of all age groups during workshop time adds a wonderful aspect to the social interactions, where children interact with a wider range of school friends depending on their interests. Making new friends and feeling comfortable with children of all classes is a unique effect, which is creating our special welcoming BBS culture. In a multi-age Hort Room, children are able to develop a sense of belonging to a group characterized by different backgrounds, abilities, interests and ages. 
At 4 pm children can choose from various afternoon activities like Hip Hop, Hockey, Karate or craft offers. All the Hort rooms are free to choose from and are open for all the children. Our grade 5 and 6 students can spend their afternoons in an age-appropriate separate Hort room, which provides activities suited to their specific needs.  
In-Class Hort (ICH) is an important part of the school day. It is a platform for discussing class issues, bonding, and continuing social education. Each class Erzieher*in plans and implements activities based on the specific needs of their class, in cooperation with the support Erzieher*innen. 
In addition to Erzieher*in -planned lessons, there are specific topics in the Hort curriculum that are covered at different points in grades 1 to 6. Listed below are some of the topics: 

  • Grade 1/2: Becoming a Group, Feelings, My Body Belongs to Me, How to say NO, Healthy Eating
  • Grade 3/4: Empathy and Tolerance, developing self-awareness, Becoming a Group, Transitions, Becoming Independent (mainly grade 4)
  • Grade 5: “Show Me Your Skills” Social Training, Relationships, Coping with Puberty, Internet and Cyber Responsibility
  • Grade 6: Internet and Cyber Responsibility, Coping with Puberty, Coping with Stress, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention Program by Karuna e.V. 

Our Hort team also considers free play a very important social aspect of the school day and has developed a flexible programme that integrates and responds to the rhythm of the children’s needs.


Role of the Erzieher*in

We believe that the role of the Erzieher*in is a keystone of successful primary schooling. At BBS, the Hort staff is fully integrated into the school day, with Erzieher*innen providing early-morning and afternoon care, as well as taking an active role in the classroom alongside the class teacher. Each primary school classroom has a teacher and an Erzieher*in during the day. An Erzieher*in is an educator trained in the social and emotional development of children. They provide continuity throughout the day, including during recess on the playground and at lunch. Erzieher*innen at BBS respond to the needs of individual students, facilitate group work or playing situations and contribute to the social and emotional development of the children during the school day. 
Some children require more individual attention: be it in learning, developing or maintaining relationships with other children, taking responsibility for themselves or coping with emotional setbacks.  BBS is committed to supporting students to the best of the school’s abilities and in the best interest of the child. 



A daily hot lunch is served in the school cafeteria located on the subterranean level. Menus are posted monthly on the BBS community website. Water is available during lunchtime and throughout the day from the water fountains on the ground floor as well as the second floor. Vegetarian options and special diets are available at lunch. In addition to the meals, a fresh salad bar is available for self-service.

Hort Rooms

  • Art and music rooms
  • Library
  • Student kitchen
  • Dance Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Cafeteria
  • Assembly room
  • After-school art room
  • Band room
  • Pottery workshop
  • Wood workshop
  • Construction room
  • Chill Out Rom
  • Craft Room
  • Games room
  • Movement room
  • Role-play room

News and Events

  • October 2022

    [BBS] 1st School Conference
    Wed, 5th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
  • October 2022

    [BBS] 6A Schnupper-tag
    Thu, 6th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] Charity Run
    Fri, 7th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] STE(A)M Week
    Mon, 10th – Fri, 14th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] 6B Schnupper-tag
    Thu, 13th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] Assessment Days Primary (1/2)
    Sat, 15th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] School closed / Hort open
    Mon Oct, 24th – Fri Nov, 4th
  • November 2022

    [BBS] Staff Development Day - School & Hort Closed
    Mon, 7th
  • November 2022

    [BBS] Assessment Days Primary (2/2)
    Sat, 12th
  • November 2022

    [BBS] 7-11th grade (par-stud.teach.conf.)
    Wed, 16th

See our school calendar for more upcoming events.