Secondary students relaxing outside on deckchairs

Mission Statement

Berlin Bilingual School offers bilingual students an affordable English-German bilingual education in a stimulating learning environment that encourages critical and creative thinking. We support our students to develop their love of learning, fulfill their potential, and become aware and engaged global citizens.

A particular strength of our school community is the close collaboration between students, staff and parents. We come from more than 30 countries and firmly believe that diversity enriches our lives from the ground up. That is why we make openness and acceptance, together with bilingualism, the educational principles of our school.

We describe our values as follows:
At BBS ...

  • we grow, learn and develop together as a community
  • we strive for long-term loyalty of our employees through high employee satisfaction and appreciation
  • we are transparent in our decisions

Our pedagogy focuses on ...

  • combining the best of different international pedagogical practices in a German-English environment so that students who are already bilingual also learn to write in two languages
  • implementing cross-curricular, holistic teaching by promoting individual and intrinsically motivated learning
  • defining the role of teachers as learning and development guides
  • implementing an educational and teaching style that focuses on participation and appreciation by promoting respect, responsibility and reliability

Our community aims to...

  • communicate and work together in a respectful, reliable and responsible manner (3R's)
  • promote participation, teamwork and cooperation between students, staff and parents
  • recognize and accept people regardless of their gender, independence, religion, sexual orientation or disability.