FUNDRAISING: Orchestra 100 - Freundschaft durch Musik

Posted on 27th Apr 2023

Orchestra100 (O100) is a cultural initiative to bring together 100 students from schools and refugee communities in and around Berlin to perform in an orchestra. An amazing opportunity for them to connect with one another through Music performance.

Many students or young musicians don’t get the opportunity to perform in a large-scale concert, due to a lack of funding and/or time. It is an incredible feeling to create music with groups of like-minded musicians, and we want our students to have the chance to experience this as well as connect with the refugee communities who went through considerable hardship before they settled in Berlin. This will be an amazing opportunity for the participants to not only take part in a really special concert, but also to cultivate meaningful friendships - Freundschaft durch Musik.

As its name suggests, O100 will be made up of 100 students from grade 6 to 13 from schools and refugee communities around Berlin to come together on the 1st of June to perform, the concert will take place in the Konzertsaal of the Universität der Künste Berlin, which seats an audience of over 1,200 people.

Putting on an event of this size is going to necessitate some funds to be made possible.

The costs to consider:

Hire of the hall | Approx. €4,500
Music | Approx. €250
Sound technician | Approx. €240
Other fees

We are hoping to reach a funding of €5,000 through Here is the link to our campaign page:

If you would like to come and join the concert, you can register your ticket here
(tickets are free but we welcome donations at the door):

We need your help!! Every euro counts and I hope you will help us to make this meaningful event possible!

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