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Bilingualism and the Bilingual Program

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As a bilingual school, BBS supports families who are raising their children with English and German in Berlin.  In many cases, children growing up with two or more languages cannot read and write in the non-school language, as family interaction is largely conversational.  In dual-language households, children often answer their parents in the language of the country in which they are living, rather than in the language spoken by one or both parents, with the result that even their spoken language skills are inadequate in the non-local language.   

Bilingualism and the Bilingual Program

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Open House Primary School 2021

Posted: Wed, 08/09/2021 - 17:26

On 4th September we had more than 200 prospective parents visit our primary schools. Tours were held every 45min by our parents. It was a great day and we hope our future parents got a glimpse about BBS. The Monday after, our head of Hort (Sarah Vissers) and Andrew Comerford (Head of Primary) gave an insightful presentation on our pedagogy. You missed it? Don't worry, please download the file: 


News and Events

  • September 2021

    [BBS] Book Week
    Mon Sep, 27th – Fri Oct, 1st
  • September 2021

    [BBS] Primary Parent Workshops
    Wed, 29th, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • October 2021

    [BBS] Break / Hort Open
    Mon, 11th – Sun, 24th
  • October 2021

    [BBS] Break / Hort open
    Mon, 18th – Fri, 22nd
  • October 2021

    [BBS] SDD / Hort and school closed
    Mon, 25th
  • October 2021

    [BBS] 7th-11th grade parent- student-teacher conference (09:00-18:0
    Wed, 27th
  • October 2021

    [BBS] Assessment Day Primary (1/2)
    Sat, 30th
  • November 2021

    [BBS] Primary parent-teacher- Erzieher conferences (School closed /
    Mon, 8th – Tue, 9th
  • November 2021

    [BBS] 2nd school conference
    Wed, 10th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
  • November 2021

    [BBS] Assessment Day Primary (2/2)
    Sat, 13th

See our school calendar for more upcoming events.

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