Portrait of Dr. Inga Burgmann-Zamagni

Dr. Inga Burgmann-Zamagni

General Director and Acting Head of School Secondary

Portrait of Brigitta  Burger

Brigitta Burger

Head of Secondary

Portrait of Sonja Tarana

Sonja Tarana

Deputy Head of Secondary

Portrait of Andrew Comerford

Andrew Comerford

Head of Primary

Portrait of Kerry John

Kerry John

Deputy Head of Primary

Portrait of Sarah Vissers

Sarah Vissers

Hort Director

Portrait of Sven Rapp

Sven Rapp

Hort Deputy Director


Portrait of Anna Beilenhoff

Anna Beilenhoff

Primary School Assistant

Portrait of Beatrix Weber

Beatrix Weber

Secretary Secondary School

Portrait of Fjolla Iberhysaj

Fjolla Iberhysaj

Azubi Admin Staff

Portrait of Judith Reuther

Judith Reuther

Admissions Coordinator Secondary School

Portrait of Lydia Hubbard-Ford

Lydia Hubbard-Ford

Admissions Coordinator Primary School

Portrait of Simona Schober

Simona Schober

HR/ Hort Assistant and Data Protection Officer

Facility Management Team

Portrait of Jens-Uwe Jülich

Jens-Uwe Jülich

Janitor Primary and Secondary School

Portrait of Marvin Sinclair

Marvin Sinclair


Portrait of Mustapha Mustapha

Mustapha Mustapha

Janitor Primary School

Portrait of Nazira Akbar

Nazira Akbar

Snack Assistant

Portrait of Safet Mustafic

Safet Mustafic


Primary School

Portrait of Anke Woitkowitz

Anke Woitkowitz

Learning Support Coordinator

Portrait of Aoife Lawler

Aoife Lawler

Class Teacher & English Coordinator

Portrait of Aysegül Ulusoy

Aysegül Ulusoy

Class Teacher

Portrait of Harriet Poole

Harriet Poole

Art Teacher

Portrait of Hatice Keremoglu

Hatice Keremoglu

Teacher & Math Coordinator

Portrait of Jennifer Carney

Jennifer Carney

Class Teacher & English Support Teacher

Portrait of Karina Kabacinski

Karina Kabacinski

Math Teacher

Portrait of Katrin Reiterer

Katrin Reiterer

Class Teacher and German Coordinator

Portrait of Mala Sanghvi

Mala Sanghvi

Classroom Teacher

Portrait of Manuela Mariño Beltrán

Manuela Mariño Beltrán

Spanish Teacher

Portrait of Marcus Mencarini

Marcus Mencarini

Classroom Teacher

Portrait of Matteo Cavana

Matteo Cavana

PE Teacher

Portrait of Natasha Eliason

Natasha Eliason

Sonderpädagogin & Student Support Koordinatorin

Portrait of Nelson Yarwood

Nelson Yarwood

Class Teacher & IPC Coordinator

Portrait of Pauline Comerford

Pauline Comerford

Music Teacher

Portrait of Richie Young

Richie Young

Music Teacher

Portrait of Ronald Knoch

Ronald Knoch

Physical Education Teacher

Portrait of Sarah-Jane Corr

Sarah-Jane Corr

Class Teacher

Portrait of Sarah Salters

Sarah Salters

French Teacher

Portrait of Susann Hochgräf

Susann Hochgräf

Class Teacher & Coordinator


Portrait of Anita McCrorie

Anita McCrorie


Portrait of Anne Gärtner

Anne Gärtner

Pottery Educator

Portrait of Arne Lorenz

Arne Lorenz


Portrait of Carmen Thelen

Carmen Thelen


Portrait of Chelsea Wright

Chelsea Wright


Portrait of Christian Körbel

Christian Körbel


Portrait of Erin Larkings

Erin Larkings


Portrait of Francis Agusi

Francis Agusi


Portrait of Fumi Macho-Quevedo

Fumi Macho-Quevedo


Portrait of Jan Kurman

Jan Kurman

Educator - Training

Portrait of Jenny G

Jenny G


Portrait of Jocelyn Barre

Jocelyn Barre


Portrait of Johannes Klöß

Johannes Klöß


Portrait of Madeleine Mahlich

Madeleine Mahlich


Portrait of Martin Mullins

Martin Mullins


Portrait of Michael Wickus

Michael Wickus


Portrait of Nastassja Deutsch

Nastassja Deutsch


Portrait of Radhika Guleria

Radhika Guleria


Portrait of Sebastian Momme Lührs

Sebastian Momme Lührs


Portrait of Selina Quissanga

Selina Quissanga


Portrait of Serena Lobo

Serena Lobo


Secondary School

Portrait of Adrienne Anderson

Adrienne Anderson

Music Teacher

Portrait of Alejandro De La Torre Diaz

Alejandro De La Torre Diaz

Physical Education

Portrait of Ana Perez Sanchez

Ana Perez Sanchez

Spanish Teacher

Portrait of Eamonn Connell

Eamonn Connell

Ethics and Political Science

Portrait of Gemma Jones-Losinski

Gemma Jones-Losinski

Teacher of Physics and Mathematics

Portrait of Dr. Gianmaria Zamagni

Dr. Gianmaria Zamagni


Portrait of Hannah Brandt

Hannah Brandt

Social Worker

Portrait of Ian Rodgers

Ian Rodgers

Chemistry and Math Teacher

Portrait of Jean Lutun

Jean Lutun

French Teacher

Portrait of João Feliciano

João Feliciano

Art Teacher

Portrait of Dr. Katja Rothe

Dr. Katja Rothe

German, Ethics, History and Psychology Teacher

Portrait of Katja Tannert

Katja Tannert

Drama Teacher

Portrait of Laurenz Schönthaler

Laurenz Schönthaler

German and Geography Teacher

Portrait of Megan Whittington

Megan Whittington

English Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator

Portrait of Dr. Michael Hohenadler

Dr. Michael Hohenadler

Biology and Physics Teacher

Portrait of Ole Tholen

Ole Tholen

History and Music Teacher

Portrait of Oliver Pfammatter

Oliver Pfammatter

English teacher

Portrait of Petra Carstensen

Petra Carstensen

Art Teacher

Portrait of Tim Greaves

Tim Greaves

Art Teacher and Student Voice Coordinator