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First lesson with Mr. Feliciano
In the first lesson, we were asked to draw with pencil on the first page of our art book. We were allowed to draw whatever we wanted to, without it being inappropriate.

The lesson right after that, we were introduced to Dadaism. Dadaism is an artistic movement and it was a response to the horrors of WWI. Chaos and nonsense are characteristics of Dadaism.

Four famous Dada Artists:
Hannah Höch
Höch often created political collages or photo montages. One of her famous collages is called "Fashion Show" (1925)

Man Ray
American artist, who created Readymade art.

Marcel Duchamp
Duchamp was a French painter, sculptor, writer and he also made Readymade art. One of his famous art is "The Fountain" (1917).

(Wilhelm Heinrich) Otto Dix
German painter, who fought in the WWI. He drew realistic art, which represented the brutality of the war. "Stormtroopers Advancing Under Gas"(1924) is one of his famous paintings.

Cut with the Kitchen Knife, Hannah Höch 1919


Common object put out of context and displayed as art.

We learned about shapes (organic and geometric) and different line techniques, like contour lines, cross contour, hatching and more. We did art excercises in each lesson, for example readymade objects. At the end we worked on a big project - dada paintings, where we had to paint something inspired by an Dada artist. All white areas should be covered. We really enjoyed the lessons and they were always fun. They were very chill and relaxed, usually we are also allowed to chat.

Lilly -8th Grade

Some examples of the artwork we created which were inspiried by Dadaism:

This is one of our paintings by Lilly (8b)
This is one of our Readymade objects by Johann (8a)

Some of us also created Dada Memes:

This is one of the Dada Memes created by Tabo (8a)
Another Dada Meme by Louis (8b)

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